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Super concentrated root booster

G.H. Roots drastically increases rootlet growth, root development and root cap hardening. The net result is bigger, healthier root mass, better resistance to mould and fungus (including damping off in cuttings etc), and healthier more vigorous plants, from cuttings through to maturity.


How to use G.H. Roots

GHE Roots® is very powerful: for best results, use on cuttings, seeds and re-potted plants for 15 days, then switch to Diamond Nectar to stimulate abundant fine root hair growth.

Add to water or nutrient solution, or if needed, dilute to use as a foliar spray:

  • Solution: 2 ml/10L 
  • Foliar spray: 0.1 ml/L (two drops per litre)

Use G.H. Roots with:

All plants, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening

G.H. Roots available in:

  • 30 ml • 60 ml • 250 ml • 0.5 L • 1L • 5 L  

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