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We tested a large number of substrates to offer you the most efficient, ecological, and the best adapted to our growing systems.

Dividing the world above- from the world below
The interface between a plant's top and its roots is where media comes in. The magic of hydroponics happens in the world below, the domain of the roots. Over the years, many different kinds of media have been used for hydroponic cultivation : gravel of many kinds, coconut fibre, mineral fibre (rock wool and glass fibre), sand, sawdust, expanded volcanic glass (perlite), vermiculite, plastic foam and a host of other inert media have been tried. Following over twenty years of experience we eliminated a large number of substrates for many different reasons among which their degree of efficiency, their quality or their ecological impact. We selected only a couple, to offer you what we consider the best choice.



100% natural, superior quality coconut coir substrates



High quality, renewable, re-usable, non-toxic substrate

T.A organic soil: light-mix

Professional quality peat-free soil. Certified for use in Organic agriculture